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Slovakia Undiscovered

Originally from Slovakia, I spent 23 years living in the UK, achieving many of my personal and career goals working for large multinational companies. A few years ago, I made a big decision to follow my lifetime dream and went travelling around the world. In two years, I was fortunate to experience diverse cultures of 50+ countries across 6 continents. It enriched my life so much, that when I returned to the UK to working back in an office I realised, that I had to follow my heart and make some changes to how I make a living. I also gained a newfound appreciation how amazing the country I grew up in, my Slovakia, is, and how much richness and ‘great outdoors’ it has to offer.

I now combine my passion for working with people and my love of Slovakia and enjoy nothing more than showing people the very best of this beautiful country and giving them an experience they will cherish for many years.

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